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Holistic Wellness Ministries

~ At the Well ~

The Well reflects an inter-spiritual, inner-faith, and psycho-spiritual-somatic approach to ministries and services. As such, we are committed to an inclusive, trans-religious, cross cultural, and universal way of serving others in the community. Several stories reported in New Testament scripture and other World Scriptures imply that this was Yeshua's (Master Jesus) and other Masters' approach to teaching and healing. Therefore, we make every effort to provide services and leadership that respects individual spiritual journeys and draws from multiple cultural, religious, spiritual, and scientific backgrounds in a spirit of love and wisdom.

We are dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for holistic spiritual care, growth, and development for body, mind, soul, and spirit. As such we aspire to create circles of trust in our group gatherings. Please download the document Touchstones, which provides guidelines for participation in our circles. 

Rev. Dr. Patsy Walker Fine

Spiritual Director, CMT/RMT

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