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About Us

Sophia's Well, located in the beautiful foothill communities of Amador County, California is a Wisdom & Well Center designed to serve the spiritual and holistic healing needs of the local community.

Prior association with the Light of Christ Community Church, headquartered in Tahlequah, OK gave us our start as an auxiliary spiritual center. As LCCC is no longer authorizing charters, Sophia's Well is a now established as a spiritual wisdom education and holisitc healing center that includes an established Inner-faith spiritual community. As such, we aspire to serve as a community of spiritual partners that promotes an inclusive philosophy emphasizing inner-spiritual development. We study diverse wisdom traditions and esoteric philosophies, metaphysics, spiritual sciences, and holistic healing therapies for body, soul, and spirit. We espouse an esoteric, inclusive, and universal philosophy of Christ-Sophia (Love-Wisdom) that includes and embraces people from all faith traditions, not just in dialogue, but also as partners and companion travelers on the Soul Journey. 

SOPHIA'S WELL has an approach that places a strong emphasis on quality of character, personal and global transformation, embodied spirituality, holistic healing and wellness, community service, and ethical living. As such, The Well serves as a community Center for WISDOM & WELLNESS. 

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, minister and founding spiritual director of SOPHIA'S WELL, aims to serve the local community by providing holistic spiritual care through sacred wisdom education and training, holistic healing and contemplative bodywork, spiritual direction and mentoring, and celebrant services for those special life events. Rev. Patsy maintains an affiliation with the International Council of Community Churches. Rev. Tracy Johnson, a hospital chaplain, was also trained and ordained by LCCC. She serves as our communion and rituals minister.

The wisdom education services at The Well are suited particularly for those who are on an independent path of spiritual development. Students of Esoteric Psychology, Perennial Wisdom or Ageless Wisdom will find a home here. Being on an "Inner-Faith" journey doesn't mean being alone. 

Those who feel "at home" here may include:

  • People who are "spiritual but not religious."
  • People who desire a more inclusive, inter-spiritual, multi-faith or trans-religious approach.
  • People who are hungry for a more progressive and inclusive religious experience and are ready to break out of the traditional box.
  • People who prefer a more metaphysical, psycho-spiritual, mystical or contemplative approach to transformation of consciousness or spiritual development.
  • People who have awakened to their own Inner Authority and are taking responsibility for their spiritual evolution through meditation, spiritual study, service, and spiritual community.

The Sophia Circle is a voluntary advisory group. The 2019 group consists of Shari Anderson (Music), Marilyn Nutter (Education), Rev. Tracy Johnson (Rituals), Lynnea Honn (Meditation), Patricia Green (Community), Birgit Huffman (Service) and Rev. Patsy Fine (Director).   

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, D. Min., was granted an LCCC charter for Sophia's Well of Wisdom from January 2009 through December 2015. Currently she serves as the Founder, minister, and spiritual director of Sophia's Well, established as local business specializing in spiritual/wisdom education and holistic healing and wellness.

Fine completed education programs in Foundations of Spirituality, Preparation for Christian Ministry, and Doctor of Ministry at Sancta Sophia Seminary, the educational arm of LCCC. Fine was certified as a spiritual practitioner in 2008, was ordained in 2009 by Light of Christ Community Church and endorsed by the International Council of Community Churches. Fine is currently the sole proprietor of Sophia's Well also known as

"The Well"

Sophia's Well provides Holistic Wellness Ministries using a service model provided by independent contractors under the direction of Rev. Dr. Patsy Walker Fine. Clients pay a fee to the practitioner for services provided. We strive to provide services at a reasonable rate and discount services for those on wellness plans and for those in need of assistance. The sacred wisdom education classes and workshops provided by Sophia's Well are usually offered as free community events (unless otherwise indicated). Donations are always appreciated and needed. 

Sophia's Well

270 Hanford Street, Unit A

Sutter Creek, CA 95685

(Old Highway 49 - Across from Days Inn)

We are open:

Sunday Morning from 10am-12pm.

By Appointment Monday through Saturday.

Contact Information:

Phone: 209-418-9003



We also provide holistic healing services: Contemplative Massage and Bodywork services for those seeking relaxation and integration of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. More information about services and prices can be found at

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