SOPHIA'S WELL - A Wisdom & Wellness Center for Body & Soul

            ~ WISDOM CIRCLE ~

An Inner-faith Spiritual Community
Gathering on Sundays at the 
10am - 12 Wisdom Circle

The Sophia Circle of Spiritual Partners:

Rev. Patsy, Spiritual Director
Rev. Tracy Johnson, Rituals Minister       
Shari Anderson, Music
Marilyn Nutter, Community Service   
Lynnea Honn, Community Service
Patricia Green, Community Service  
Birgit Huffman, Community Service

 May Peace Prevail on Earth.                                          
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An Example of Wisdom Circle Readings from
2016 Weekly Readings 

JANUARY - Healing Intention for 2016
1/17/16 Readings Becoming Non-Violent 
1/24/16 Readings Spiritual Healing for Self
1/31/16 Readings Spiritual Healing for Self & Others

FEBRUARY - The Nature of the Soul
2/7/16 Readings The Nature of the Soul, Part I
2/14/16 Readings  The Nature of the Soul, Part II
2/21/16 Readings  Different Ideas About the Soul
2/28/16 ReadingsThe Embodied Soul

MARCH - Healing into Wholeness

APRIL - The Science of the Rays and Healing: Rays 1, 2, & 3
                      Handout for Ray One
                    Handout for Ray Two
                      Handout for Ray Three

MAY - The Sciences of the Rays and Healing: Rays 4, 5, 6, & 7
May 1 -   Readings Ray 4
                Handout Ray 4
                 Handout Ray 5
                   Communion Talk
                 Handout Ray 6
                   Communion Talk
                   Full Moon of Gemini Meditation
May 29 -  Readings Ray 7
                 Handout Ray7

JUNE - Emotional Healing
                 Supplemental Reading on Glamour
                 Communion Talk
June 19 - Summer Solstice
                   Communion Talk

JULY - Personality Integration
July 3 -    Communion Talk
                   Communion Talk
                 Communion Talk
                 Communion Talk
                 Communion Talk

AUGUST - Accepting the Laws of Rhythm and Balance
                     Communion Talk
                       Communion Talk

SEPTEMBER - Suffering & The Law of Cause and Effect
                          Communion Talk

OCTOBER - Breaking Barriers to Healing and Wholeness
                        Communion Talk
                        Communion Talk
                           Communion Talk
                           Communion Talk

NOVEMBER - Healing Into Light - Energy Healing and Spiritual
November 6 -    Meditation Workshop - No Link
                               Communion Talk

DECEMBER - In Praise of Light
December 4 -    The Holy Light
December 11 -   The Light Within
                               Communion Talk
December 28 -  Special New Year's Wednesday Wisdom Circle
                           Awakening the Global Mind
                           Activity: Out With the Old-In With the New

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